MEBO/PATM Life Quality Test
MEBO means metabolic body odor and it includes systemic body odor, bad breath and episodes of malodor NOT related to hygiene or flatulence. PATM denotes "People Allergic To Me" condition. The survey asks about symptoms In the past 24 hours or past few days, up to a week before taking this test.
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Your MEBO/PATM status
Your Blood group
How many people interacted with you in the last 24 hours? Let's count everyone whom you speak to and who speaks back or reacts to you in one way or another (real world, not online or on the phone)
Not a single person
10 or more
How many interactions were positive?
None was positive
All interactions were positive
How many interactions were negative?
None was negative
All were negative
When you woke up today, how well-rested did you feel? Did you feel very rested, somewhat rested, a little rested, or not at all rested?
Have you (or your trust buddy) detected any MEBO/PATM symptoms in the past few days?
How long did it take for the smell (or PATM aura) to go away?
How far away could your smell (or PATM toxins) be detected?
1 foot
10 feet or farther
I felt depressed and isolated because of MEBO/PATM
I used heavy-duty scent masking and cleaning products
I felt fatigued
My appearance was affected because of MEBO/PATM
I had problems concentrating
I tried to stay away from people because of MEBO/PATM
I was worrying about or self conscious about my MEBO/PATM
I had problems interacting with people, was covering my mouth or maintained larger distances from people
I felt embarrassed because of MEBO/PATM
I felt miserable or tense because of MEBO/PATM
I avoided going out because of MEBO/PATM
I had financial problems because of MEBO/PATM
I suffered social/personal loss due to MEBO/PATM
I was satisfied with life
Did you have any of these symptoms (check only if applicable)?
Some of the time
All the time
Abdominal pain
Anxiety or restlessness
Excess gas
Lack of self-confidence
Loss of libido
Irritability or aggression
Problems with self control
Sensitivity to noise or light
Sensitivity to temperature
Sluck muscles
Tender painful breasts
Thin or dry skin
Describe your diet, medications, supplements, physical activity, stress in the last couple of days. If applicable, expected number of days before your next period. Anything different from average?
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