2021 NPCA Board of Directors - Expression of Interest
Thank you for your interest in serving on the board of directors of National Peace Corps Association (NPCA). We welcome individuals to engage with us in fostering lifelong commitment to Peace Corps ideals. Please respond thoughtfully, but briefly, to help us distinguish among many candidates. All information shared here will be circulated only among NPCA senior staff and the governance committee.

You may receive an email to schedule follow-up call with either NPCA President & CEO Glenn Blumhorst or NPCA Board Governance Chair Chip Levengood.

If you have any questions about board service, please email boardassist@peacecorpsconnect.org.
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If applicable, when/where did you serve with Peace Corps as a volunteer and/or staff?
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For how long have you been a member of NPCA? How have you been engaged with NPCA (e.g., advocacy)? Are you involved with NPCA affiliate groups? If so, please indicate any leadership roles.
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Much of board membership is about connecting NPCA with partners, funders, decision-makers, etc. Do you have a network of organizational development connections? Government decision-makers? Foundation or corporate funders? What groups or individuals could you help NPCA reach?
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Board support is critical to financially sustaining NPCA's growth. What experience, capacity, or skills would you bring to the board in this regard?
Are you willing to commit to include NPCA as a significant part of your personal charitable giving? *
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NPCA is committed to diversity in all forms. How would your selection contribute to the diversity of the NPCA board? *
If you wish to submit additional information such as a resume, references, letter, etc., you may do so by email to boardassist@peacecorpsconnect.org. Are you submitting additional information you would like us to consider? *
Additional information is not required, and failure to provide it not viewed as a weakness in your nomination.
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