Do you need therapy?
1 in 5 people need treatment for their mental health. Similar to physical check-up, it is important for us to do a mental health check-up every 6 months.

Please answer the below questions as honestly as possible so that the resulting report will be accurate.
All information provided will be kept confidential and will not be sold.
Data collected will be used for our research and to improve our customer care.

"Do you need therapy?" If you answer YES to any of the questions below, it is suggested that you consult a therapist to work on those issues.

Feel free to contact 360 Wellness Hub call/text 012-3300415 for more details.
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1. Have you been experiencing excessive paranoia, worry or anxiety for more than a month? *
2. Have you been feeling sad or irritable for more than a month? *
3. Have you been experiencing extreme mood swings for more than a month? *
4. Have you been feeling disconnected or socially withdrawn from normal activities and people for more than a month? *
5. Have you been experiencing marked changes in eating and sleeping patterns for more than a month? *
6. Have you found it hard to deal with problems and have difficulties coping with daily activities? *
7. Have you been feeling depressed or apathetic recently? *
8. Have you been thinking about suicide or harming other people? *
9. Do you have a substance misuse problem? *
10. Do you find yourself getting excessively angry, hostile and violent more than once this month? *
11. Have you been feeling overwhelmed, nervous and tired? *
12. Have you experience a significant life change or loss that continue to affect you after a month? *
13. Are you having an eating disorder and/or struggle with body image? *
14. Have you experience abuse at any time of your life and are struggling with how that affects you now? *
15. Are you having difficulties communicating effectively with people in your life? *
16. Are you having difficulties with your own sexual orientation or the sexual orientation of someone in your life? *
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