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This dinner plate is _______________, but we can still use it.
“Give me a ___________ if you come to London. You can stay in my flat.”
We were sitting on the wooden _____________, splashing our feet in the water and watching the fish swim by.
We went hiking in Scarborough. It was so hot! When we finally finished and arrived at the bottom of the mountain, we jumped into the ___________ for a cold swim.
Smelling the delicious cookies made us _________________. Our mouths were so watery and excited to eat!
In some countries, you can pay a ______________ for sex.
That movie was absolutely _________________! The story was so sad and intense. I cried withthe characters and really felt connected with the characters. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the screen
I worked for 12 hours today and haven’t eaten lunch. I’m not just hungry, I’m absolutely_____________. I could eat a horse!
I gave my boyfriend a back massage, thinking that he would give me one too. I massaged his back for 30 minutes but he did not ___________________. Instead he fell asleep, and my back still hurts.
“Thank you for visiting our restaurant. Please fill out the form below and send us your___________________ in the mail. Let us know if you enjoyed the food and the service. We would love to hear from you.”
If you have the flu, you might have some nasal ________________. Remember to carry tissues in your pocket to wipe your nose.
“Harry, grab the ______________. We need to dig a hole in the ground to hide the dead body!”
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