Murder Run Trap Submissions
Sup guys, Neo here! Now that we are 20+ episodes deep into Murder Run, I am beginning to run out of solid ideas! This is where you guys come in!

If you have any creative ideas for either traps or powers (for either role) please comment them down below. Remember a lot of ideas have been covered this far, so there is a chance that suggestions could have already been created!

SSundee and I have spoken and we agreed that traps should not:
• Involve Role Reversal - In other words, the Killer should always be the Killer and their position/role should never be removed or messed with (along with the objective of the Survivors to avoid being killed)
• Be Unfair/Unbalanced - Traps such as "TP all players to Killer" are both unfair and broken
• Involve PvE - The Killer alone should be the concern, not "floods of zombies" or "creepers everywhere"
• Be Simple - At this stage in the series, they enjoy stuff that is fun and creative. While "make all survivors blind" could be funny, it doesn't serve much direct functional use unless paired with something else.

Take for example "Mind Control," a power that allows you to take over the Killer's movements for a short while. It is balanced and fun as it is right now (and also set to a fair price).

Thanks for your ideas guys! Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter @NeoMcCreations or join my Discord to chat about your ideas!

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What a wonderful game!
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