Application for Co-op Design Lab in Blue Hill
Welcome to the application form for CDL on LOCATION in Blue Hill. The workshop program lasts 4 days beginning in the evening of Oct 19 and concluding in the afternoon Oct 22.

By completing this form you are submitting an application to participate in a cooperative development program for a specific project in Blue Hill. Please fill out this form best as you can. After you complete the form, we will contact you to set up an interview and process your registration.

Thank you for applying!
Rachel Lyn Rumson & Angela Faneuf, Registration Coordinators

Contact Information
Who should we contact about your application? If you are applying as a group who will be the point of contact for you?
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Project, Business or Organizational Name
In the earliest stages of cooperative development we call tend to refer to the co-op as a project, rather than an organization, or a business. If you're in an early stage of a project in your community you might have a name or not. If you have a name enter it here. If not you can make up a project name, or enter the type of project you would like belong to.
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Limited Scholarships are available. Would you require assistance to attend this program?
Participant Group
The following questions are about your role in cooperative projects, or in regional organizations in the cooperative ecosystem. We want to get a sense of where you coming from and who is around you in your cooperative ecosystem.
Please identify as ONE of the following common participant groups: *
Please make sure that your team knows which participant group you have selected.
Learning Considerations
We are interested in making sure you get the most our of your CDL experience.
1. What is most exciting you about cooperatives and why do you want to attend CDL? *
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2. If you have a cooperative project, what is it? *
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4. What is the community need that your cooperative is serving? *
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5. Do you have any physical limitations that we should be aware of for the workshop? If so, what are they?
In finding spaces to hold our classes, we want to make sure that we accommodate all of our participants needs.
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6. Will you be unable to participate effectively in design Lab classes if the classes are conducted in English?
If so, what is the primary language of those team members?
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About Your Experience
Please fill out as many of the following questions as you can.
Please select any of the following that you have experience with.
How did you hear about Cooperative Design Lab?
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We are arranging community homestays. Would you like to be placed in a local homestay for the duration of the workshop?
Thank you for your application! We'll be in touch soon!
Rachel Lyn Rumson & Kate Wallace, Registration Coordinators
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