Club Rush 2019 RSVP
Compton Support Team,
Below we have the information for our Club Rush/Welcome Back Pep-Rally arrangements.
Which will take place Wednesday, September 4th,2019 @ Roosevelt and Friday, September 6,2019 at Compton High during Lunch.

Please make sure to RSVP BY Friday, August 30,2018

~ Compton HS ASB Will provide tables but no chairs. As a reminder we are in a first come first serve basis due to the limitted ammount of tables. During your participation confirmation please make sure to complete the table reservation portion.

~ Each Club is responsible for making their own Club poster.

~ In order to fundraise please submit FUNDRAISING Request to MS. W. WHITE on the Compton Campus or Ms. Johnson on the Roosevelt Campus by August 30th,2019
Application is available for download by visiting
In the club form portion of our website.

~When Fundrasing once approved as a reminder all items MUST be Pre-packaged items ONLY (No Glass). No Grilling or cooking of any kind will be allowed due to CA Health Codes and CUSD regulations. Please attach list of
items your club plans to sell.

~ All clubs are responsible for providing a copy of student release list to attendance by September 3rd at Roosevelt and September 5th at Compton High. Please submit a copy of your release list via E-Mail to

~All Clubs may set up 5-10 minutes prior to the lunch bell in the school quad.

~ Please pack up 5 minutes prior to the bell notifying the ending of Lunch Break.

~Our custodial staff is doing a wonderful job at keeping our campus clean. Therefore, we ask for everyone’s cooperation in picking up after ourselves at the end of the event.

-Club rush will take place,
Wednesday, September 4,2019 @ Roosevelt
Friday, September 5th,2019 @Compton
Lunch Time
School Quad
Contact us at (310) 639-4321 Ex:67533 or
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