ULMS Equipment Hire
Please make requests a few days in advance of when you would like to hire equipment. While we try to fulfil all requests where possible, requests made without enough notice are more likely to be declined.

Please look at this sheet for a rough pricing guide (for non-ULMS members): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yI96DXerlseMZode8LLq28hpHgCbYR5gaQHJfjhZSL0/edit?usp=sharing

Individual ULMS members will generally not be charged for equipment use, however there may be a charge for ULMS members using equipment as part of a larger group which is unaffiliated with ULMS. Decisions on cost will be made on a case by case basis. We reserve the right to specify a different cost to the one on the guide sheet if we deem necessary.

If your request is approved we may decide to put together a legal form which will specify the details decided, this will need to be signed by both parties prior to hire. This is what the form will look like:
Who will be using the equipment? (name and organisation) *
Preferred method of contact. *
Please provide either your email, phone number (SMS), or send a message to the ULMS Facebook Page so we know who you are and can respond.
Please indicate which of the following best describes you/your group. *
What will the equipment be used for? *
Please provide a brief description of what it will be used for. *
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