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Liquid Rocketry Lab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, student-led engineering-focused team with a goal to design, fabricate, test, and launch a liquid-fueled rocket to reach the Karman Line (100km altitude), the official  'edge of space'. This would make us the first college team in the world to achieve such a feat. Liquid Rocketry Lab aims to achieve this goal through research focusing on high powered liquid-fueled rocket systems including, but not limited to: research in rocket structures and supersonic-hypersonic aerodynamics, guidance navigation and control systems (GNC), recovery methods, mission control software and practice, and of course rocket engine design and manufacturing.

We are a dedicated group of students at NC State University with a diverse background in rocket science and engineering as a whole. This is a great place to practice skills and gain experience that you may not otherwise get a chance to as an undergraduate. We are looking for highly motivated and passionate students to join the engineering team. The engineering team is split into four sub-teams:

• Structures - Designed the frame for our mobile engine test stand and is now working on the carbon composite tanks and fuselage for the suborbital rocket. They are also responsible for developing aero-thermal models, recovery systems, and the mechanical aspects of attitude control.

• Propulsion - Responsible for design of the bi-propellant liquid fueled rocket engine and associated plumbing / feed systems. Wrapping up design of the plumbing system for the engine test stand capable of static fires of a 15 kN engine. Beginning detailed analysis of various engine designs this semester.

• Avionics - Responsible for all electrical systems including building a custom data collection and control system for our rocket engine test stand and is in the early stages of designing the rocket flight computer and high bandwidth telemetry system.

• Programming - Writes everything from the firmware running on our flight computer to the ground control station interface. They are also developing a custom programming language for safely controlling the engine test stand.

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