FOOD TRADERS APPLICATION FORM - Forever Young Festival 2020, Naas
Applications to trade at Forever Young Festival 2020, Naas are open.

Taking place in the spectacular grounds of Palmerstown House Estate, Naas, Forever Young Festival is the premier event in Ireland’s summer calendar, a weekend of iconic performance from musical legends, themed venues, pop-up performers and an unrivalled festival atmosphere.

Events Location: Palmerstown House Estate, Naas
Event Dates & Times:
Fri, 10th July: 5pm - 1am
Sat, 11th July: 12pm - 1am
Sun, 12th July: 12pm - 12am
Open: from Fri, 10th July 12 pm - until Mon, 13th July 12pm

Please fill in the form below to register your interest.
In case you have units selling different products please fill in the form separately for each type of food you wish to sell. Quality and diversity of your products together with the presentation and appearance of your trading unit is very important.
If your products and unit are considered good match for our event our Concessions Manager will be in touch soon with the relevant info.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application form is a registration of interest and trading at Forever Young Festival 2020, Naas is limited and not guaranteed.

For any additional queries, you can contact us at
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Business Details
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Please state the name and surname of responsible person
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Please state your company full name
Business Address *
Please state your business address (and address for invoicing purposes if different)
Company Website
Please state your company website or Facebook page
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Please state your mobile number
Trading Unit Name *
Please state the name of your trading unit
Product Details
Type of Food *
Please state what type of food you sell. Please have in mind no alcohol is permitted to be sold on site. Sale of certain soft drinks also might be regulated by event organisers.
Cuisine Type / Nationality *
Please state your cuisine type/nationality/main dishes.
Maximum Hourly Meal Capacity *
Please state maximum number of meals you can deliver in one hour.
Type and Dimensions of Trading Unit
Please state type of trading unit. Please state first WIDTH then DEPTH in METERS of your trading unit (in the exact order, first width then depth). In case your unit has a hatch please state the dimension of it once open. Please make sure these dimensions are precise. Not submitting precise unit dimensions can create problems on site.
Type of Trading Unit *
Please have in mind presentation and appearance of your trading unit is very important to festival.
Unit Width *
Please state your trading unit width in METERS
Unit Depth *
Please state your trading unit depth in METERS
Does your unit have a hatch? *
If your unit has HATCH please state depth in METERS once open.
Site Requirements
Power Requirements *
Please state what services you need at location to be operational. Please note: NO GAS ALLOWED ON SITE. NO own generators permitted unless by prior arrangement with Management. NO 13amp or domestic plugs allowed – only blue 16a connectors & outdoor plugboards. Traders with electrical requirements will need to supply their own extension lead suitable for outdoor use and must indicate their exact electrical needs on application. Traders will only be supplied with one connection on the distribution board. Traders must have an internal distribution board if there is a need to split supply.
Total power (kva) consumption electrical equipment
In case you are not self powered and require electricity to operate, please calculate your total power consumption
Other Site Services Required *
Please make you have your own track mats for your unit. In case you need us to provide this for you it will be additionally charged. Track mats are necessary for ground protections in parks. Track matts need to be put beneath all wheals for units trading on the grass. In case you need water supply for your unit this will be additionally charged.
Please state you are available to trade in Naas, Palmerstown House Estate - Fri 10th, Sat 11th, Sun 12th of July *
Please state on what other festivals you have traded at recently *
Please state Type of Payments you accept *
We would advise having Card Option available due to Forever Young Festival audience attitudes
Please email PHOTOS of your Unit and MENU to *
Please send photos of your Trading Unit. Please make sure your PHOTOS and MENU are NAMED SAME AS YOUR UNIT. Your application won't be taken into consideration till Photos and Menu submitted.
If any additional info you would like to share with us, please state here.
I understand that this form is a registration of interest and that trading at Forever Young Festival 2020, Naas is limited and not guaranteed. *
1. Terms and Conditions for Traders

2. Documentation needed to Trade at our event


4. NO GAS ALLOWED on Site.

4. Please make sure on site to have valid fire extinguishers
- Non Cooking Units must have 1x 6kg dry powder/foam extinguisher and 1 x 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher
- Hot Food Units must have 1 x 6kg dry powder extinguisher, 1 x 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher and a 1 x 1m2 light duty fire blanket
- Deep Fat Frying Units must have a 6 litre wet chemical extinguisher (Class F), 1 x 6kg dry powder fire extinguisher, 1 x 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher and a 1.8m2 heavy duty fire blanket.

5. NO POWER overnight
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