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Your personal details will be treated as confidential and kept for no longer than necessary. If you are accepted as a volunteer the information you have provided on this volunteer registration and monitoring information form will become part of your volunteer records which will be used to plan and record your practical involvement as a volunteer.
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The volunteer agrees that photographs taken by LEARNING IN REACH can be used for dissemination on the internet and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and third party blogs.The volunteer agrees that no payment will be made for photographs taken by LEARNING IN REACH even if they are printed in mass media including newspapers, magazines and online platforms.LEARNING IN REACH agrees to remove any identifying names or facility branding from pictures before publishing.LEARNING IN REACH agrees not to divulge any information regarding the child in any photograph. 
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I, the undersigned, hold harmless and indemnify Learning In Reach NPC, its trustees, members, servants and employees in and parties involved with and/or arranging events which I am attending of my own accord, against and including (without limiting the generality of the aforegoing) any loss of or damage to personal effects, financial loss, illness, injury, harm, trauma or death (howsoever caused) including any claim from my wife/husband, children or dependents, common law wife/husband or life partner for maintenance, pain and suffering as a result of injuries or otherwise may incur. In an event of emergency please contact:
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