2019 Internship Application
Background information:

• Commitment is for 1-2 days per week (usually from 10am-4pm) from May 1- August 31st
• Must have reliable transportation
• Tasks include planting seeds, watering plants, weeding by hand or with a hoe, harvesting, and dehydrating herbs
• Must live within 1 hour of Farmington, MN and have housing
• Previous farming experience is a plus, but not necessary
• Work is both independent and with others
• Work is voluntary (not paid) but intern will learn about plant propagation, medicinal herbs, herbalism, organic farming techniques, and biodynamic farming.

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1. How did you find Herban Ayurveda? Why are you interested in an internship? *
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2. Do you have previous farm experience or related experience? If so, please describe. *
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3. What is your interest in Medicinal Herbs/Herbalism? Do you have previous training? *
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4. Farming is hard work. It involves long hours with direct sun exposure, heavy lifting, and repetitive tasks. Are you ready for this kind of labor? What in the past has prepared you for this kind of work? *
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5. What days and times are you available? Are you able to commit to the entire growing season of May 1- August 31st? *
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6. We currently do not have plumbing on the farm. How do you feel about going to the bathroom in the woods? Do you have experience with off-grid or communal living? *
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7. What do you foresee as being the biggest challenge for you while being on the farm? *
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8. What do you hope to get out of this internship? *
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