Boarding Request
Please note: During occasional boarding stays children have to accept the routines, rules and expectations of the boarding house.

I understand that, while my child is boarding, the boarding staff will act in loco parentis and I give my permission for Hall Grove to administer medication for minor ailments (paracetamol etc) and manage any medication that my child takes regularly (asthma medication etc).

I also understand that, if my child requires special or emergency medical treatment, every effort will be made to obtain the prior consent of his/her parents or guardians but that, should that not prove possible in the time available, I hereby authorise the Headmaster or Head of Boarding, acting in loco parentis, to give valid consent to such treatment (including anaesthetic or operation) as may be recommended by the attending medical professionals.
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Is there anything we should know regarding health, medication, diet or any other special requirement? If YES, please list below:
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I understand that boarding staff will act as in loco parentis, as per the statement at the top of this form.
I understand that boarding charges will be added to my school bill.
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