Graphotherapy Training Enrollment

Fill the following form to enroll yourself in the first episode of Handwriting Analysis Training Series - Graphology (episode 1)

The six months long course, with classes running on weekends, is uniquely designed to suit the busy schedule of professionals and Graphotherapy enthusiasts. Learn about Personality, Relationships, Family dynamics and Career analysis.

What is included?
Introduction to graphology, fundamental knowledge, knowing handwriting, characteristics of handwriting, Examination.

Session starting from: 9 February, 2019, Saturday
Duration: 6 months (Once a week, every Saturday- 3 hours)
Fee: Rs. 10,000 (Ten thousand rupees)

Nepal Hypnosis Clinic and Training Center
Address: Dhalku, near Naxal Bhat Bhateni, Phone: +97714414779, Email:

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