Bride's Room Survey
FPCB Facilities Committee is conducting a room study of the Bride's room to better understand and provide needs within the space. The Bride's room is located on the South end of the Narthex adjacent to the women's restroom. Survey feedback will be summarized and presented to the facilities committee for future layout considerations.

Please complete the survey multiple times if you use the Bride's room for more than one purpose. For example, if you use the Bride's room on Sunday's to take care of a child and later fulfill responsibilities on the greeting team, then complete the survey twice. If you have received this survey and are no longer using the Bride's room, then consider your last visit as you respond.

Which best describes you and the common purpose for using the Bride's room? *
What brings you to the Bride's Room (choose all that apply)? *
Where are you coming from? *
Where are you going next? *
When did you use the Bride's room? *
How would you rate the following about your experience in the Bride's room? *
1 - Low
4 - High
I felt welcome
I was comfortable
The room was clean
What else would you like the room study team to know about your experience in the Bride's room?
Your answer
Optional - did you care for a baby or small child?
If you used the Bride's room to care for a baby or small child then please complete this section. This section is optional.
Did you receive, by mail, a welcome letter from FPCB Early Childhood Ministries?
Are you familiar with the nursing room in the nursery?
If a tour of the nursing room in the nursery was available to you -
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