EGL 115 Midterm Challenge
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My family _______ in Jeju. *
One of the dancers on the stage ______ my cousin. *
My parents ______ let me stay out after midnight. *
Loud music _________ my head hurt. *
John ______ (break) his leg yesterday. *
I _________ (drink) with friends when my mother called and told me to come home. *
call off = *
show off *
ripped off = *
to have no more of something *
put up with = *
I took a shower _______ I finished my workout at the gym. *
She quit her job in January and started her own company two months _________. *
I just talked to Henry five minutes ________. *
I had a great idea ________ I was taking a shower this morning. *
I will go ______ my hometown after midterms. *
Fill in each blank with one word.
I _____ never seen a scorpion until I went to Mexico. *
My family and I ________ a trip to Indonesia last year. *
She enjoys playing sports, __________ movies, and meeting friends.
I thought this 'challenge' was _________ to be difficult, but it wasn't that bad. *
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