DearMYRTLE's Webinar Panelist Application
As we have had many
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Will you arrive 20 minutes early (11:40am Eastern) for MONDAYS WITH MYRT *with* something to share AND to get "voice to text" closed captioning set up? We typically canvass all panelist during this 20 minute green room about what they'd like to share during the live broadcast. *
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Do you understand that during MONDAYS WITH MYRT we may not be able to get to your screen share topic due to a spontaneous conversation with attendees that takes up too much time. We want conversation, but some times we cannot get to every topic on our agenda. *
Will you show up 20 minutes early to WACKY Wednesday (8:40pm Eastern) to set up closed captioning and participate in the conversation on the topic at hand? *
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If you are a panelist and you wish to remain a participant you may arrive 5 minutes early as a panelist, then Cousin Russ will change your status from Panelist to Participant *for that Zoom session only.* *
Have you downloaded the Zoom Client app, and uploaded your profile picture there? It's located at *
I understand a panelist's job is to move the conversation forward in a positive manner, and to avoid self-promotion. *
What is the email address with which you've previously signed up for Mondays with Myrt or WACKY Wednesday? Myrt needs this to set up your panelist status and make a spot for you with our closed captioning service. *
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