Mentor & Mentee Application
This form is designed to collect information about those interested in being a mentor or mentee at StoneWater Church. This information will be used by our Mentoring Team to match mentors with mentees. The mentoring process takes commitment, and we ask you begin by taking the time to complete this questionnaire as thoroughly as possible. No information collected on this form will be used or shared with anyone else without your permission.
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Marital Status
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Share how you came to know Jesus, when you committed to follow Him and what your relationship looks like today? *
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Finding a the right fit... *
What kind of person would be the right fit for you? What kind of experiences, age, background or temperament would work with you best?
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Mentoring Categories
In an effort to help us connect you better with the type of mentoring you are interested in, we've created 3 distinct mentoring categories that focus in on specific areas. Below are descriptions of each of the 3 mentoring categories:

Foundation Mentoring – Basic steps for walking with Jesus. This is designed to help new believers, or even believers who what to build a strong foundation on how to study scripture and disciple others.

Catalyst Mentoring – Find someone to share their wisdom and experience to help you take your next jump in your faith. If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, or even if you are preparing for a big faith step or transition in your life, gain tools and perspectives to help you go further, faster.

Leadership Mentoring – Everyone is called to disciple, but not everyone is called to be a leader. Discover and develop leadership and mentoring skills in an intentional small group designed to spur you into starting something new or leading others.

Which mentoring group are you interested in? See above for a description of each. *
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