ISPP ECC Application Form 2019-2020
The ISPP Early Career Committee (ECC) is now accepting application to the 2019-2020 ECC. To make our committee more representative of ISPP’s membership, we encourage applications from every continent.

By working with members of the ISPP, organizing events at the annual meeting, supporting ECC activities throughout the year (e.g., Travel Award, newsletter), and facilitating communication across the discipline through social media, the ECC is an integral part of the ISPP community. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and work with other members of ISPP, provide input into the ECC, and enhance your curriculum vitae with international committee experience.

Each member serves a two-year term (except chair-elect, which is a three-year commitment). Each year we aim to fill one of the two positions for each subcommittee so that first-year ECC members are paired with second-year ECC members with experience in that position (although this isn't always possible). You may apply for more than one position (see below). All ECC members are encouraged - but not required - to attend ISPP’s annual meeting.

Applications are due by May 3, 2019.

To apply, please submit this online application form and your CV to Only complete applications will be considered.

A selection committee comprised of ECC members and Governing Council members will review the applications. The 2019-2020 ECC will be announced by the end of May with the new term beginning at the end of the annual meeting in July.

For more information, visit, or feel free to email us with any questions at


Chair-Elect (1):Working under the current chair, this position is responsible for learning the ins and outs of the ECC, in preparation for taking the lead the following year. Duties as chair include writing reports to the Governing Council, overseeing the ECC budget, and representing the interests of Early Career Scholars in ISPP. This position includes three years of service to ECC; as chair-elect (2019-20), chair (2020-21), and the final year of service is in the capacity of chair ex-officio (2021-2022). The Chair-Elect is expected to attend the Summer meeting of the Governing Council and The Chair is expected to attend both the Summer and Winter meetings of the Governing Council (The ISPP provides financial support for attendance).

Mentoring Luncheon Coordinator (1): Arranges the mentoring luncheon at the annual meeting. This position includes two years of service (2019-2021).

Newsletter Editor (1): Solicits articles and announcements for the Early Career Scholars newsletter that is published twice a year. This position includes two years of service (2019-21).

Web Resources Coordinator (2): Manages all well-related ECC files and responsible for updating the ECC Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Medium accounts. This position includes two years of service (2019-21).

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