Smith Elementary Student Placement Information
As we look to our 2019-2020 school year, we will be placing students in classrooms with teachers that we believe will be a positive learning influence and support. As part of this process we seek and value your input. Please note that this is NOT a teacher selection process or a way to ensure your student is placed with their best friends. This is a way for you to communicate your student's needs, so we can make every effort to accommodate their learning style and needs. We will not honor specific teacher requests. We appreciate your effort in providing us with information about your student. The deadline to complete the form May 1st. We will not be accepting any submissions after this deadline. Your child's current teacher and our Administrative Team will be a part of the placement process. *If you have multiple students attending Smith, please fill this form out for each of them.
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Due to outside factors we may not be aware of, please list no more than 3 names of peers you would prefer your child not be placed with.
For incoming 4th and 5th grade parents only: If you have strong feelings (for or against) your child being placed in a self-contained 4th or 5th grade classroom (no switching classes/teachers, one teacher for all subjects), please indicate below.
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