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CONTENT TYPES: Events, Articles, Videos, Links to podcasts or songs, Soundcloud recordings, Instagram images (w/ permissions from author) for our virtual gallery...

CONTENT GUIDE: See the bottom of the form for the EquityArts Intentions to check for alignment, but generally we're thinking to spotlight, share, and support (through educational resources or advocacy) creatives, tinkerers, crafters, & artists who are 1.) who are less supported, shared, or spotlighted do to structural inequities, 2.) up-and-coming or new creatives who also fit number one, and 3.) those who actively involve or support community.

ALSO: you can submit by posting to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #EquityArts

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EquityArts' Intentions
1/ Amplifying artists and creatives, especially those whose situations give them less access to the stage or distribution, or those who support community, equity, or inclusion through their work/craft

2/ Amplifying current events happening at intersection of Arts or Culture and the KI philosophy/ initiatives (e.g., Community control, Self-mastery: self-determination and self-reliance, Intergenerational and youth development, Uplifting the gifts and assets in our neighborhoods, Social capital, Respecting and honoring what is and the diversity of currently existing cultures…)

3/ Lifting up (and making visible) local artists and creative entrepreneurs, highlighting important topics and resources for creatives in Indianapolis

4/ Open community’s minds to arts and media as an avenue for community work

5/ Fostering a hub of resources, narratives, opportunities, and connections for creatives, makers, and aspiring entrepreneurs in Indy

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