Texas Family Project 2020 Endorsement
Texas Family Project will make endorsements during the 2020 primary and general elections. We do not always endorse a candidate in every race where one is sought.

Candidates seeking an endorsement must submit a questionnaire. Those who demonstrate that their values align with Texas Family Project values may receive our endorsement. The candidate may be asked to provide further information prior to endorsement.

Texas Family Project does not provide direct contributions to all endorsed candidates or endorse candidates in every race. Endorsements may or may not come with direct contributions, in-kind services depending on the level of office, or both. Candidates endorsed by Texas Family Project should therefore be open to in-kind support from Texas Family Project professionals on our candidate advisory board to bolster their campaign.

Our endorsement of any particular candidate does not represent a criticism of any other candidate in the race.

If you have any questions about the application please email endorsements@texasfamilyproject.org

I understand and wish to proceed to the application.
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