Main Stage/Show Performance Application - AetherCon 2024
Application for special main stage performance signups taking place AetherCon 2024: Sept. 27- 29th
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Main stage information
Main stage events and performances will be featured at the forefront of the con, on the official AetherCon Twitch live stream!   (
  • Examples for our previous main stage performances include The Songbirds, Gameshow Events, The G'raha Collective, Live theatre performances, DJ entertainment hosts, etc.
All performances need to be no more than 90 minutes in length, preferably 60 minutes shows (DJ's excluded).
  • These performances will be held in person on NA Data Centers.

Note that your entry may be used in future promotional material for AetherCon.

Warning: Performances must be in accordance with the Final Fantasy Material Usage License. As such, applications involving third party music within the license will be rejected.
Please provide your primary contact email address. *
What name will you or your group be performing under? *
What type of performance are you presenting? (E.g. Play, Show, Musical Performance, DJ etc.) *
Approximately how long will your performance be (mins)? NOTE - Performances should not exceed 90mins in length. (DJ and club events are not included in this limitation). *
Include a summary of your performance. *
Please provide a link to any prior performances. If your act is new, please provide a link to rehearsal or otherwise proof of concept. (E.g. Unlisted YouTube video) *
Are there any special accommodations AetherCon needs to provide for your performance? E.g. Providing ushers, staff, locations/venues *
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