Diagnosed Not Defeated Story Entry
Thank you for submitting your entry for consideration. Below are the guidelines.

1. Your entry should be true (these are not fictional stories).

2. Your entry should focus on a MOMENT/EVENT that demonstrates you living by the motto "diagnosed not defeated." It can be as big or as small of a moment as you like. (Think about telling one moment in your life with your condition, not a memoir about your entire life with the condition)

3. Your entry should be between 300-500 words and should contain your diagnosis someplace in the entry.  It can be creative non-fiction, poetry, or an essay.

4. If your entry is selected for publishing on the blog, I will ask for a picture. It could correlate to the submission (ie. you climbing Mt. Everest) or it can be a high-quality picture of you alone. Yes, a "selfie" will work.

5. Your submission should be NEW and NOT PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED elsewhere in the form that you're submitting. You are welcome to submit an entry about the same moment you have posted elsewhere, but it should not be "copied and pasted" from some other site.

6. You can submit up to two stories each month, however, you should not resubmit a story.
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