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To get started Training now, answer each question as honest as possible. I will collect data and this will help me create a custom Fitness plan for you. Once you send it, I will be in contact with you within 24hrs.

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Nutritional Planning
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Does a high carb snack or meal, with lots of veggies, bread, toast, cereals, rice, fruits, grains or potatoes as the main food source satisfy or stimulate your appetite?? *
Do you notice that you gain a lot of weight when you eat red meat, or lose weight? Do you look slimmer in the mirror or do your clothes fit easier? *
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What is your appetite like at breakfast? *
What is your appetite like at Lunch? *
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Do higher fat foods and/or higher protein foods such as dark meats, avocados, cream, butter, or coconuts within 1-2 hours of bedtime help you sleep better? *
If you ate a large salad with some low-fat meat like chicken breast for lunch (versus a higher fat meat like a hamburger patty), how would it affect your productivity the rest of the afternoon? *
How do you feel after you eat steak? *
At Thanksgiving or a meal where you eat turkey, assuming all the turkey is moist, if you prefer white meat give yourself a 1, dark meat a 10, and no preference a 5 *
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Optimally, how many meals woudl you prefer to eat per day? *
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What is your favorite protein food? , Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, eggs, powder etc? *
What is your favorite carbohydrate food sources do you like? Oats, potatoes, rice, bread, pasta etc? *
What Fat source do you prefer? Olie Oil, Mcts, avocados, nuts, peanut butter? *
What Fruits do you enjoy? Berries, bananas, grapes etc? *
What green veggies do you enjoy? Broccoli, asparagus, edamame, kale, spinach, etc? *
Do you ever have heartburn, gastrointestinal distress, or stomach problems? If yes, please explain *
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Tell me about your goals, why you decided to do this, and why and how you're going to succeed? *
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