Influence of background colour on translators' well-being, productivity and output quality
Thank you very much indeed for taking part in this survey! My name is Dragoș (@elearningbakery on Twitter), I teach language and translation technologies in the University of Leeds Centre for Translation Studies (CTS), and I also lead the CTS MA in Applied Translation Studies.

I'm always looking for ways to make our classes, as well as the advice we give our students, more relevant to the profession, and the topics of making the most of the technologies available to translators, as well as sharing best practices are the ones making my role meaningful and motivating for me.

I therefore genuinely appreciate you sharing your experience on the usefulness (in terms of productivity, quality and ergonomics) of implementing a change as small as modifying the default white background in your main CAT tool (provided your CAT tool allows such changes, of course).

As soon as we pass the threshold of 50 respondents, I will post a summary of the results on my blog - For every further 50 responses, I will update the results. If any of the survey participants need the raw survey responses for any further analyses to benefit our community (with the exception of the participants' e-mail addresses, which I will not share for data protection reasons), just let me know. Many thanks once again!
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