Summer Scholarships 2019
Things to remember:
- Each scholarship requires separate essays
- Again, no names in the essay
- If your name is included in the essay, it will not be considered for a Scholarship
First & Last Name *
Applicant's Email Address *
Age (as of Jan. 1) *
Club/Center *
Certification: Horse Management (HM) /Flat/Jump. List UR for unrated member *
How many years have you been in Pony Club? *
Are you in college? *
Phone number *
DC/CA's name *
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List the Pony Club activities that you have volunteered at within the past two years: *
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What scholarships are you applying for? *
Jamboree: $50 (no name on attatchment)
Eventing: $75 (no name on attatchment)
Regional Camp: $125 (no name on attatchment)
Dressage: $75 (no name on attatchment)
Show Jumping: $50 (no name on attatchment)
PYR: $50 (no name on attatchment)
Adult Horsemaster: $50 (no name on attatchment)
Deadline is March 31 2019!! *
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