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Please use this form to pledge a donation of goods or services that will be used in raising funds for the New Zealand Vaulting team. Thank you so much for your support!

The Kapiti Vaulting Club will be running a regular stream of fundraising events with raffles and auctions where your donation will be generating funds and assisting the Kiwis vaulting squad to represent New Zealand. This team has been endorsed by Equestrian Sports New Zealand to compete at the at the 2019 Vaulting World Championships for Juniors in Ermelo, Netherlands.

We couldn't do this without you - our donors and sponsors. Thank you for helping to put New Zealand in the spotlight once again to achieve a place on the world stage.

The Kapiti Vaulting Club has a track record of making far fetched goals happen.  Over a span of 20 years in a little known sport to New Zealand, our club has kept up the resilience and perseverance to produce multiple world class athletes both individually and also sending a vaulting team to the 2014 World Equestrian Games in France. These have been no small feats and every little bit helps us to achieve such a monumental goal.

For major sponsorship inquires please email us at to receive a sponsorship brochure.

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