Zcash Protocol Hangout ā€¢ 9/17
šŸ¦“ An open conversation about the future of Zcash, hosted by the Zcash Foundation šŸ¦“

The first Zcash halving, currently projected for October 2020, will end the Founders' Reward. How should the community pay for protocol and ecosystem development after that point? We're still figuring it out ā€” please join this video call to share your thoughts!

Discuss the pros and cons of NU4-eligible Zcash Improvement Proposals (ZIPs), with a focus on ZIPs related to development funding. Other ZIPs will be covered if we have time.

(If you need it, there's a "More Background" section at the bottom of the page!)

DATE: Tuesday, September 17

ā€¢ 4 ā€“ 7pm Pacific Time
ā€¢ 7 ā€“ 10pm Eastern Time

RSVP by Friday, September 6 to be included (unless slots run out). Shortly after filling out this form and submitting your information, you will receive a calendar invitation via email.

The video call will not be livestreamed, but it will be recorded and published on the Zcash Foundation's YouTube channel. You are welcome obscure your face or restrict your broadcast to audio.
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More Background
Zcash Improvement Proposals: https://zips.z.cash/

The ongoing debate of Zcash development funding: https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/future-of-zcash-dev-funding-high-signal-low-noise/34179

The Network Upgrade Process is an Electric Coin Company initiative. ECC uses the NUP to organize its Zcash development efforts, both internally and when coordinating with third parties (exchanges, wallets, ZF, etc.). Finalizing the roadmap in advance gives everyone time for careful implementation and thorough testing.

Blossom was Network Upgrade 3, or NU3. It is set to activate this year. NU4 is the 2020 upgrade, and it doesn't have a fun name yet.

NU4 is scheduled to activate on mainnet in October 2020, if all goes according to plan ā€” during the same month as halving. A suggested protocol change must be submitted as a draft ZIP by August 31, 2019 to be considered for inclusion in NU4, and thus for October 2020 deployment on the Zcash network.

The deadline for NU4 feature selection is October 31, but we need those two months in between for debating and refining the draft ZIPs.

This video call will take place after draft ZIPs are submitted, but before feature selection. The purpose is to collectively analyze the pros and cons of different draft ZIPs.
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