Student MedAID London Committee Application
Student MedAID is a charity that aims to collect unused medical resources from local hospitals and re-distribute them to under-resourced healthcare institutions abroad. We have two main objectives: to increase healthcare accessibility by supplying medical equipment to resource-limited settings and also to increase the sustainability of the NHS. The organisation began in Edinburgh and has since expanded to form branches across the UK. We are excited to be forming a London branch of Student MedAID!

In order to get up and running, we need to form a committee and we are very exited that you are interested in applying. Please take a look at the role descriptions outlined below before deciding what role to apply for.

-In charge of planning the annual budget
-Running fundraising campaigns for your society
-Applying for grants
-Preparing a Financial Report

Resource Director:
-Liaise with hospitals to appeal for donations
-Coordinate pickups for donated items
-Ensure that storage spaces for donated items are suitable
-Updating the National Ledger regularly

Communications Officer:
-Act as your society's primary point of contact with Student MedAID Edinburgh
-Responsible for attending progress report meetings with Student MedAID Edinburgh every 2-3 months
-Convey ideas, concerns and expectations at these meetings

Publicity Officer:
-Increase awareness of your society
-Creating social media accounts for your society (FB/Instagram/Twitter) and managing these
-Running social media campaigns
-Boost your society's online presence

University Representative:
-Supports the resource director in liasing with the hospitals affiliated with your university
-Promote the society within your university
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