Dia De Los Muertos | Ventura | Participation Waiver
I understand the responsibilities associated with creating an altar, performing or participating as a vendor at the 2019 Day of the Dead- Ventura celebration in partnership with the Ventura Theatre.

I/We agree to release and hold harmless the Festival, Ventura Theater and any of its employees, volunteers, artist or agents and the owners or management of the grounds or location where this event is held, from any loss, damage or injury resulting from participating in the above entry in this event. We are aware that our group/business is responsible for any damages or missing items that are assigned to us or which we bring onto the site.

This release is granted on my behalf and any minors participating in the event for which I am the legal guardian or caretaker. The Festival reserves the right to reassign exhibit space so as to ensure the safety and/or convenience of the Festival participants. The Festival reserves the right to exclude any company from participation.

I/We specifically grant the festival and the Ventura Theatre and any of its assignees all rights and interests in photographs, videos and other depictions of the Altar and Participants arising out of the participation in Day of the Dead.

I understand that said depictions or reproductions may be used in various types of media, advertisements, and promotions although this language shall in no way limit other uses.

Participants acting as a group may sign the same waiver.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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