2019 Wesburn F.C. Divisional Tryouts
Welcome to the 2019/20 Wesburn F.C. Divisional Tryouts. Players of all skill levels are welcome.

We hope you enjoy it and strive to reach your highest potential.

Please make sure you arrive at the tryout location 30 minutes prior to the start time. This will allow you to sign in and pick up your coloured/numbered pinnie before the tryout starts. Also, make sure to check the Wesburn website as dates, times, and/or field locations may change. It is the players responsibility to be on time at the correct location.

The tryouts consist of two “Open Tryouts” and two “Invitational Tryouts” (one for gold and one for silver/bronze).

Sessions will start with a 15 minute S.A.Q. Warm-up followed by a small sided scrimmage during the Open Tryouts and a full sided game during the Invitational Tryouts. This will enable the candidates to showcase their technical and tactical abilities such as:

> First touch level of accuracy on the ball.

> Finding open pocket to encourage triangular passing with teammates.

> Finding open space to allow quick ball distribution and change the point of attack.

> Level of passing ability in terms of accuracy and quickness.

> Level of dribbling abilities in a small playing area.

> Level of focus, spatial awareness, competitiveness, and engagement.

This will give the evaluations the opportunity during the “Open Tryouts” to establish the appropriate placement level for the players that will enable them to develop and enhance their technical and tactical skills.

At the end of the "Open Tryouts", the players will be invited to attend an "Invitational Tryout". The club’s coaching staff, evaluators, and Technical Director will review the overall performances, player’s evaluation score, and best suitable placement to enable development to establish whether the players will be placed on a Gold-1, Gold-2, Silver, or Bronze team roster (where applicable and based on the numbers of candidates for each division.)

Players will be contacted by the club’s Divisional Coordinator via email to inform you of the "Invitational Tryout" placement and then the final team placement once all tryouts are complete.

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