WINGS Champion Application Form
While participation as a Champion in WINGS is voluntary, we are looking for committed and passionate women and men who are willing to support WINGS mentors and mentees unconditionally and committed to further the mission of WINGS.

As a WINGS Champion you must:

• Manage a minimum of two engagement (2 mentor/mentee pairs) for 10 months
• Initiate first meeting between their assigned mentors and mentees first week after kick off
• Arrange methodology review and walk through. Ensure framework and leadership model described in the methodology is followed through out the program
• Assist mentors and mentees in coming up with a development plan following guidelines in this methodology – This needs to be completed within the first month of kick off
• Established a meeting cadence for regular check-ins. These are 1:1 meetings with their assigned mentor and mentee as well as joined meeting with mentors and mentees to review the progress. Monthly meeting with each mentor/mentee pair is mandatory. Weekly meeting with the mentee initially to get her started is required but after that it as needed basis.
• Facilitate feedback from their assigned mentors and mentees on the program and methodology and feed it back to the mentoring program team on a regular basis
• Play a role of an advisor to WINGS program management team
• Assist WINGS executive team in the mentor and mentee pairing process
• Leverage your network and experience to help mentees achieve their objectives
• Play a role of a secondary mentor if needed, in case primary mentor is unavailable for extended period of time
• Identify project assignments for their mentees during the Lead stage and help set up the project
• Assist in evolving methodology and the program as needed

How we will measure the success of this role:

• Engagement concludes successfully with a high percentage of success
• Mentors and mentees feel supported throughout the program
• Champion is able to proactively manage the risk
• Valuable contributions to the program structure and methodology
• Referral and recommendations from our Champions
• Volunteer to be a mentor/advisory council member yourself

Note: Although we are driven by passion and cause, everything requires strong commitment. We think this role is pivotal to the success of WINGS. Our assumption is that this role would require a minimum of 8-10 hours per month / 2 hours per week.

WINGS Champion Application form:

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2. What is your motivation to participate in WINGS Mentoring program as Champion? *
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3. List five characteristics you possess that will contribute to the success of your relationship at WINGS as Champion: *
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4. How will you personally measure the success of your partnership with WINGS? *
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5. Are you comfortable in carrying out above described responsibilities? *
6. Describe your prior experience as a mentor or a coach that will enable you as a Champion: *
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7. Are you comfortable in giving candid feedback to the mentees in a timely manner?
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