Jun Lin Mobile Massage Service During COVID-19
Due to COVID-19, all Jun Lin practices were temporarily closed following Tasmanian State Governments policies. As these restrictions have been eased, Jun Lin will reopen soon with strict health policies and provisions in accordance with Tasmanian Government policies to provide remedial massage therapy and other myofascial services.

However, currently following the strict policies outlined by the state government, we will be providing mobile massage services in Hobart.

If you require Remedial massage therapy, please pre-book now. We will only do a certain number of sessions on pre-bookings.

Jun Lin Administration
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Massage On Demand in Hobart!
Massage On Demand - by Jun Lin
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During COVID-19, many of us have missed their remedial massage sessions and was eager to learn when social distancing restrictions will be lifted!

Well, this day is about to get better!

- You can now book a massage session with our qualified therapists at Jun Lin
- Our mobile therapists will visit you at your place for a usual remedial massage session
- The session prices will be the same as our usual treatments at the clinic
- An additional travelling charge will apply

Travelling Cost:
- Within 10 km from Jun Lin Sun - A$10
- Within 10 km to 20 km from Jun Lin Sun - A$15
- Within 20 km to 35 km from Jun Lin Sun - A$20
- Within 35 km to 40 km from Jun Lin Sun - A$30
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