**OFFICIATING INTEREST** Pass the Biscuits/Emerald City Smackdown
Thank you for your interest in officiating the Pass the Biscuits (adult) and Emerald City Smackdown (Juniors)!
Two games, for one great time!

Two separate teams are coming together in the same place on the same day. So for ease of staffing, I am combining into one application.

L1-L3 Juniors, whistle @ 10:30am  (Games history JRDA Other)
Adults, whistle @ 1pm (Games history MRDA Other)

$10 per game worked plus snacks & food

November 19, 2022

Great Brook School
16 School Street
Antrim, NH 03440

Potluck that everyone is invited to afterward! 

Our scrimmages are played in alignment with the current JRDA and WFTDA/MRDA rules (2022) and are great learning experiences. We encourage Officials to try new roles, shadow experienced Officials, and help each other better the region's officiating community.

Questions? Please email us at officiallymel576@gmail.com

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