Singles Workshop Survey
This survey is to understand your concerns and your interest in making the workshop a success.
Different from KNOWLEDGE conferences, we ensure that you get into ACTION and SUCCESS.
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I want to learn how to : *
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Find the right spouse
Gain confidence and self development
Connection and networking
Learn different skills and training
Understand fate and love
Be a good spouse
Show appreciation to my partner
Communicate love in my relationship
Admit I'm in love with someone
Understand what Men/Women want
Control my destiny
Ask for support from my FAMILY to find a spouse
Ask for support from my FRIENDS to find a spouse
Build my social status
Improve my finances
How to impress my future In-laws
Differentiate Love and Lust
Know when I'm ready to get married
Negotiate dowry/Mahar or Mahal
Change my partner
How to breakup and get a better partner
Understand myself first
Get my prayers answered
Get my partner ready for marriage
Propose marriage the right way
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