I started on this journey as a lifestyle influencer around 5 years ago and it has completely changed my life. I took my iPhone, started sharing about my daily life and products that I love, and I turned it into a life changing business. The reason I started this business is to be a present wife and mother. There is nothing more valuable than my time with them and this gives me the ability to provide without having to be away from them.

Let me tell you though... + I was not a beauty "influencer" + I did not have any experience in "selling" products + I did not have a lot of spare time as a mom and business owner + I was nervous, skeptical, and unsure (you guys, I watched my friends lives change for YEARS before I decided to jump in, do not make the same mistake I did) ... But I have BIG dreams and I saw a vehicle that could change my life. So I'm putting in the work for my dreams, and today I boldly share this opportunity because I've witnessed it change so many families lives. I can't sit back and not share this opportunity with others. This is a modern, relevant partnership that makes sense in the world we live in -- we are constantly talking about things we love with our friends and family in our daily lives and we are all already buying from people we follow online. It makes sense to earn πŸ’° as you refer products you love! "Social selling" is the way of the future, and I would love to show you how to succeed in this business.

In just 7 years we have changed the entire landscape of premium, anti aging haircare in an entire industry: + Over 3 million customers + 1.1 billion dollars in commissions paid to our field + launched in 8 countries + 100 million products sold + 2.3 billion cumulative revenue + 1,553 Motor Club Members driving their paid for luxury cars + over 80 Million Dollar Club earners in our company + top #23 direct sales company in the world + top #22 beauty brands in the USA And we are *juuuuust* getting started! So many women just like you have built a successful side hustle ( some have gone full time), so why not you? You DO NOT need to be an influencer or have a followingΒ to succeed in this business. You know someone who washes their hair don't you? You know someone who could benefit from extra income right? πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Join us! There's plenty of room at the table for you. Fill out the form below & I'll be in touch ASAP.
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