Remote Learning Survey for Parents & Guardians
Please complete this survey to share feedback on your child's remote learning experience and to inform planning for the 2020-2021 school year.
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Please submit separate forms for each child if you have children in multiple schools
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I understood how remote learning worked at my child's school. *
Do you have high-speed internet in your home for students to access the internet? (High speed is considered 25Mbps for downloads. This would mean being able to watch a video without buffering or lagging.) *
My child knew how to get technical support when needed. *
My child was challenged intellectually during remote instruction. *
My child was familiar with the distance learning tools used by his/her school (i.e. Canvas, Zoom, Google Docs, etc). *
How often did teachers typically communicate with you about your child's remote instruction? *
What means of communication with the teacher/school worked well during remote instruction? Select any that apply. *
My child's teacher(s) provided him/her with frequent feedback during remote instruction. *
My child's teacher(s) provided him/her with help as needed during remote instruction. *
My child had opportunities to interact and work with others in his/her class during remote instruction. *
My child's teacher allowed flexibility in assignments to meet the demands of learning at home. *
How often did your child have an adult at home to help them with remote learning as needed? *
I feel that my child's school experiences prior to the closure prepared him/her well for remote learning. *
During the day, did your child have to care for anyone in your family such as siblings, parents, grandparents, etc? *
What is one thing your child's school did well during remote instruction? *
What is one suggestion to improve remote instruction? *
As a parent, what was your greatest challenge during remote instruction? *
What are your intentions for your child's enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year? *
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