S-TISD School Security Survey
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the safety & security of Skidmore-Tynan ISD
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I believe school disturbances are infrequent (criminal activity, lockdowns, etc.) *
I feel like the Bee County Sheriff's Dept. and S-TISD work together to make schools safe. *
I feel like safety is a priority for the administration of S-TISD *
I believe that arming S-TISD teachers and staff would be a deterrent to school shootings. *
I believe that S-TISD should train and arm specific teachers/staff on campuses. *
Please share your thoughts in regards to arming teachers/staff in S-TISD.
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Which step do you think would be most effective in enhancing S-TISD security? *
What other suggestions do you have to improve the overall safety of Skidmore-Tynan ISD?
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If you would be interested in serving on a committee focused on a school safety please include your name and email below.
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