Video 8 Step Three on Your Timecard: Following up with Old Leads
This quiz is designed to help you know how to fill out Step Three on your timecard at Eden Companies
As long as I've followed up with all of the hot old leads, it's okay to not follow up with all of them for that day. *
Who should I follow up with first as far as old leads are concerned? *
Why should I try to call someone on the phone as opposed to texting only? *
When is it okay to copy and paste the same text versus an individualized text? *
How do I count the number of old leads I've followed up with in a day? *
What is the difference between a new lead and an old lead? *
I should follow up with hot leads daily. *
I should follow up with a lead until I get a yes or no. *
What is our rule of thumb when a lead continues to ghost us? How many days should I wait to follow up? *
Where can I look if I have a question on how often I should follow up? *
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