ICER 2020 Feedback
Your ICER 2021 chairs (volunteers Amy Ko, Renée McCauley, Jan Vahrenhold, and Matthias Hauswirth) would love to learn more about your experiences at this year's ICER, to help plan 2021. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts.
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What aspects of this year's program did you find valuable? *
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Very valuable
Pre-conference newcomer welcome
Single-track sessions on Zoom
Parallel-track sessions in Discord
Lightning talks
Poster sessions
Social hours
What did you *like* about this year's virtual format, and would want to preserve if we have to do it again? *
What would you *dislike* about this year's virtual format, and would want to change if we have to do it again? *
ICER 2021 is scheduled to be in Charleston, South Carolina, USA in August 2021. Based on what you know about the state of the pandemic in the United States, which of the following formats would you prefer for ICER 2021, twelve months from now? *
If the conference is virtual again (fully or partially), how would you prefer we handle time zones? *
Imagine a hybrid version of ICER, where the conference is experience is all-virtual as it was this year, so we can continue including everyone globally. However, in addition, there is an optional in-person experience has social events (meals, outings, deeper networking), in a desirable destination, but with a more typical registration fee. Which would you attend? *
Where are you attending from? *
How many times have you attended ICER? *
What are your current roles? *
Are you interested in volunteering as an organizer for any of roles below?
If you expressed interest in a role above, what is your email address, so we can reach out?
Is there any other feedback you want to share about your experience with ICER 2020? *
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