2017 Call For Workshops (CFW)
In January 2017 we are going to try something new. No talks, no speakers, instead we will have 4-8 mini workshops running concurrently. Each workshop will be run twice per night (once at 6:30pm and once at 7:30pm) so that attendees will have the option to attend at least two workshops.

Close date for CFW is April 18th, 2017.

What is a workshop? Generally speaking, a workshop that is a talk that requires attendee participation.

They can be just about anything, but need to follow these rules:

1) Instructor led, requires attendee participation
2) Attendees walk away with SOMETHING they did not have before (see examples below)
2) Extremely *101 level* (no prior knowledge needed)
3) Highly specific, and achievable in 15 mins or less. (Each workshop will be given 30 minutes)

*Note: Preference will be given to those workshops where attendees walk away with something (other than knowledge) that they didn't have when they arrived. While that could be something physical (Cat5, Fully functional Raspi0) it could be something digital (first python program, configured system for DNS tunneling, virtual server running) We will accept submissions for longer workshops (1-2 hr) however priority will be given to shorter submissions. But if it is #SecKC enough, you may be selected.

Example Workshop Ideas, Feel free to submit one of these examples, or one of your own:

In this workshop, you will install the python interpreter, and write your first python program.
Attendee walks away with: A seckc.py file that they created.

The intention of this workshop is just to make sure that python gets installed correctly, and basically all that we do is visit a pastebin site and type in the program. The 30minutes allows to fix problems, make sure environment is setup right, etc. For someone who has NEVER seen python, this might be VERY eye opening how easy it really is

EXAMPLE: SSH'ing into your RASPBERRY PI ZERO [Computer, Raspberry Pi Zero, SD Card, and USB Cable Required]
In this workshop, you will install Rasbian onto an SD Card, and then connect to your RaspiZero over SSH.

The intention of this workshop is to get that raspi out of the drawer, and get people to recognize the pi as a computer, and get over the initial hump of connecting to it.

In this workshop, you will install GPG, create keys, and send your first Public/Private Key Encrypted Email

The intention of this workshop is to get more people to have the ability to send and receive encrypted email.

EXAMPLE: Turning that old ATX power supply into a bench power supply.
[1] ATX Power Supply (not available purchase)
[8] Banana Jack Terminals (available for purchase, $5)
[1] Power switch (available for purchase, $1)
[0] Random scraps of wire (Will be available for no cost)

In this workshop, you will convert one of those old ATX power supplies you have laying around your house to a useful bench power supply to power your electronic projects. Due to the complexity of this project, this workshop will run the entire SecKC, come and go as you please. It is suggested that you purchase the following parts prior to SecKC, however they will be available for purchase at SecKC.

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