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If you've got an update on a Canadian musical act that you'd like to submit for consideration for the weekly Some Party newsletter, this is the best way to do it.

A few hints:

- By design, Some Party isn't meant to be comprehensive, and I'll selectively avoid bands or updates for any number of reasons. No small part of that is my personal interest. This is a passion project and if I'm not feeling what you're putting down, I'm probably not going to include it.

- I may not include all valid submissions items in the next immediate issue.

- Yes, you can add to your PR mailing list. You're also free to email me about whatever. I try to answer everything.
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Some Party's more valuable to my subscribers if I'm offering them a little more context than what's in the press release you've sent everywhere else. Remember this isn't a daily news site, it's a weekly overview after the smoke's cleared from the week's hustle. So tell me something new. Write a few sentences about the song/album/event that's I can quote and share. You don't have to...
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