Voicing Breadnbeyond's Explainer Video
Before we start sending your voice sample to our clients, we need you to understand couple of things.

As I had previously mentioned, we welcome you to come onboard and help us with your expertise. We do about 40 videos per month.

When your voice is selected (by a client) -- I will send you the script -- and I want to confirm several things before we proceed forward.

1. We will have ongoing work with you, we need voice talent and would like to showcase you and your voice on our website, so our client can easily choose whichever voice they like, and everyone will have a fair chance - see www.breadnbeyond.com/voice-talents

2. We need you to provide us with revisions for free, clients may ask for revisions because we don't record face-to-face, and even though most clients just accept it the way our voice talent voice it, but sometimes there can be a 'slightly annoying' clients, who ask us to redo over and over.

Though we don't think we need to pay more than what we have agreed -- everything also depends on your skill and talents. In many cases, 1 revision is all our voice talents needed, mostly 2 revisions.

3. Most of our videos are just 1 minutes to 1.5 minutes, and obviously less than 3 minutes. I need to know if you can keep the same budget.

4. Since our videos are short, I always tried to send the voice over to my client as soon as possible, but just in case you are not available when I'm sending you a script, please at least acknowledge that you had already received it within 24 hours, and would be back again by when.

5. Please follow the script, notes for ups and downs and pauses, and sometimes, we have something that is off-grammar. Please voice it as is because our client already approved it (unless it's something that you really really think is spelled incorrectly).

6. Some projects might be short as it would require us to hire more than one voice actor (as in a dialogue). Depending on how much line you will need to record, I assume that this will be paid below our standard rate.

7. We need you to have your own recording studio or have access to recording studio everyday. We can't wait for you to get back to us every three days or so because you need to book a studio to record.

For the payment terms, we kindly ask for your cooperation to:

1. Send invoice for any job to finance@breadnbeyond.com.
2. If you are using PayPal invoice, please send a PayPal invoice instead.
3. Understand that payments will be processed at the end of every month.

Should you require to be paid immediately for some reason, please put a note on your invoice so we can help you to speed up the process. Otherwise, please understand that we are doing our best to get you more work.

If everything above are okay with you, feel free to move forward and click YES below.

If not, please please explain with reasons and we might consider.
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