SC Tenant Solidarity Form
Are you facing housing insecurity, threat of eviction or foreclosure, harassment by your landlord, or have rent/mortgage you can't pay because of the Covid-19 pandemic? You're not alone!

Fill out this form to let us know your needs. This is a mutual aid effort organized by fellow neighbors and residents of South Carolina. We'll do what we can to support you in staying in your home, but can't guarantee anything. At the very least, we're gathering this information because we know we're more powerful together and this will help us organize for tenant protections, a temporary rent freeze and eviction moratorium, and to ensure that shady landlords don't take advantage of folks at this scary and uncertain moment. Build tenant power with us by filling out the form below!

SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center -
Charleston Pro Bono -

DO YOU NEED OTHER FORMS OF ASSISTANCE (transportation, food, medicine, etc)? Here's another form where you can request support:

**This information is being collected and processed by a group of grassroots tenants and organizers and will not be used without express permission for anything other than mutual aid and what is mentioned above. If you'd like to be involved in that organizing, fill this form out and we will follow up!
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Have you been threatened with eviction, foreclosure, or otherwise harassed by your landlord or bank?
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If you answered "Yes" above, are you facing eviction/foreclosure from:
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Briefly describe your situation and what support you need (max 250 characters please!!)
Optional: Relevant identities you hold that may make you more at-risk (e.g. disabled, transgender, working class, veteran, person of color, etc)
Would you be potentially willing to share your story publicly (e.g. with media, at a public event, with legislators, etc)?
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Do you want to be added to a petition to demand statewide tenant protections, an extension of the eviction moratorium, and a rent freeze during the Covid-19 pandemic? *
Would you like to join this organizing effort to support other tenants? *
If yes, someone will follow up with you at the contact info you provided above. You aren't making any commitment, just starting a conversation. Thank you!
Everyone has a role in ensuring that all people have access to safe housing. Please check all areas where you can help:
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