Mojo reader survey 2012
Mojo is now running for more than 2 years and there are a lot people following the comic. So now it's time to get to know you all and to make the website, the comic and the future better fit your needs.

I know your time is valuable and I really appreciate your effort and time... so as a reward I will give away a couple of free sketches to people who filled in the complete survey! And there is also another prize to win, if you take the extra effort to fill in the EXTRA question :)

The comic (page 1 of 4)
First we'll start off with some questions about the comic itself.
Who is your favorite charater?
How did you get to know about Mojo comic?
Where do you read the comic?
Please pick the method you use most often
How could I improve the comic?
What do you like the most about the comic? What makes you come back?
(things like writing, art style, humor, the setting, characters)
Your answer
Inspire me! Tell me something I don't know about Mojo or one of the other characters
Your answer
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