The Finding Impact Podcast Survey
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Why would you listen to a podcast about social enterprise and social impact?
What lessons are you, or your social enterprise, trying to learn in order to be more successful?
What are two topics you think are missing from conversations about social enterprise/impact? These can be generic or specific, but please share a little context so we understand what about that topic you think is missing.
Who are you most interested in hearing from in the social impact space? This can be a category of people (e.g. front-line sales people, consumer research houses, women, etc.) or specific individuals. Please help us understand why you want to hear from them.
What are two questions you would like to explore that relate to social enterprise? They can be theoretical, operational, or something else entirely.
What are your top 3 sources of news, information and/or educational materials? Please give us a few words for each source that explains why you like it. Example: Finding Impact Podcast - casual, crosses sectors.
If you've listened to the Finding Impact Podcast, please share any feedback you have.
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