MP Decals
Order your MP Car Decals here!

Decals are $4 each, $6 with glitter.

Bring payment to the Tech Lab, rm. 220, or if needed, to the office.

Who is the decal for/who should be contacted about the order? *
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What email can we use to contact you about your order? *
Be sure you are checking it so you know when it's ready!
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What graduation year would you like? *
This is for the next question, if you're not graduating in 16 or 17...
(See picture above) Would you like to have just the MP decal with your graduation year in it, and then have the graduation CAP portion separate? So, say that you are graduating in 2018 or 2020, you wouldn't have a grad cap on your car now, but you could keep it until you're about to be a senior and then add it to your decal? *
What background color would you like? *
Remember glitter costs $2 extra.
What top color would you like? *
Remember glitter costs $2 extra.
The standard size is approximately 4 in. by 4 in. What size do you want? *
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