Welcome to Radhaa Publishing House. We are now accepting stories of women who have a sacred relationship with the Goddess in HER many forms. This book represents women who work with the Goddess. The goal of this book creates bridges and a connection. It creates a community between contributors and readers, where stories and wisdom shared will enrich the lives of its readers through content and guide and invite them to find their purpose with the potential of working with the Goddess.

She is within ALL of us! We know her by many names and see her ways in nature and women across the world. She is the leader, healer, seer, creator, mother, teacher, friend, lover, designer, artist, baker, gardener, singer, dancer, and dreamer that we all know. She is the one who knows her power and believes in her abilities and right to shine as bright as she desires. She is unapologetically herself. She may show up wild and untamed or graceful and modest, and she knows how to discern herself for any occasion or situation. Her beauty is found in all parts of her life. She has transformed her pain into power to create a life she loves!

We are calling on all of you, Goddesses, Queens, Conscious Creators, High Priestesses, Healers, Shamans, Witches, Wisdom Bringers, Enchantresses, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Divine Feminine who own your own Sacred and Sovereign Power; we are opening our doors for submissions starting August 29. Space is extremely limited. **PLEASE NOTE: This publication provides a platform to connect with our readers and gain exposure to your story and work, including the interviews and press releases we offer. It is a collaborative book designed for working women supporting working women, and a whole team is onboarded, and a lot of work goes into curating these sacred books. Our goal is to help our community broaden its network for the potential opportunities that arise. We only offer residuals for full memoirs but do not offer residuals for collaborative books.

Stories of the Goddess: The Goddess is Divine, completely unlimited, and Eternal. She knows herself well and is fearless in the face of challenges. She trusts herself fully and believes in her strength. Her presence emanates peace, healing and her voice reflects power. She is secure, and she is whole. She is gentle in her ways and victorious in all she does! This collaborative book is dedicated to HER.

We are looking for you to share your teachings, writing, miracles, healings, poems, experiences that relate to The Goddess, Women Rising, Ancestral Healing, Conscious Awakening, Moon Circles, Sacred Rituals, Spirituality, Wisdom about the World, Life, Ascension, Crafts, Alternative and Progressive Education, Medicine, Practices and Thinking, Famous Goddesses, Philosophy, Prayers and things that relate to the theme.

This BOOK is all about women taking up space, being seen and heard, using precious talents, knowledge, wisdom, healing, rituals, and offerings to create change, impact, and betterment in the world. The publication will inspire others to RISE into their POWER and to connect with their DIVINITY! This is about overcoming fear and transcending the pain of our past to harness our full gifts and work with the GODDESS.

A high-resolution photo of you to put on our social media to be featured. We ask that you fill out this intake and let us know a brief overview of what you would like your story to be about. Please include a summary of what you would like to submit along with your IG feed/website to secure a spot and allow us to begin planning and curating the book. Please include A link(s) to your social media/website to list it with your content and in the credits for readers to connect with you.

For any written pieces, please adhere to a 2,500-3000 word count limit. We work with an entire team in which we hire for the whole process. Including an editor, we ask for a chapter that you have gone through a few times and feel confident in your words and your story to preserve your vision and voice. And YES, we are available to support you if you are stuck in any way with your story. We will send a reminder email to those who said YES but haven’t either put a deposit or made an arrangement. Unfortunately, if you do not respond within 24 hours, you will not be featured and can be added to the waitlist for the next book.

Doors close for this project by October 31, and complete chapters must be in by December 27, 2021.

If you have questions or ideas, please let us know!
Thank you so much! Radhaa Nilia and the RPH Team.
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