CGMF School of Faith Quick Quiz

Book of John
Chapter 15 New King James Version and NRSV are the main translations used for Study.
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The Vine is an image of God's ______________? *
The Lord removes every branch that doesn't produce fruit. *
The Lord prunes or cleanses in order to see us produce. What are we cleansed by? *
The notion of dying for one's friends is expressed in one of Aristotles works. What is it? *
On many occasions in the Old Testament. The scriptures relate to Israel as a vineyard planted and tended to by the Lord? *
The Fruits of Righteousness are born in us by the Holy Spirit. What passage of scripture from Galatians tells us this? *
How do we express our love for the Father? *
What is the ultimate act of love, or devotion? *
You did not ___________ me but I chose you. And I _____________ you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last, so that the Father will give you _____________ you ask him in my name. ( Fill In The Blanks )
v. 16 NRSV
Verse 17 commands us to Love one another. What passage in Paul's writings captures this truth so well?
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The scripture tells us there will be persecution. Why?
verses 20,21
Who is the Counselor?
v. 26
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Greek phrase meaning " foreign speaking, " which means speaking in a foreign language that the speaker has never learned or studied, a phenommenon which Pentecostals call " missionary tongues " because it is highly useful in missionary preaching: the evidence that this actually occurs is quite compelling.
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Regeneration comes from Latin term meaning __________________?
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What meant the most to you in your study of John 15?
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